Yes, even USB powered hard drives will work when connected to the CloudGate Square.


  1. Deon van eeden

    I currently run a PC with a solid state drive and an external Drobo for my data.
    I mainly use MS Office
    I do photo editing (Nikon Capture NX software)
    I have 2 remote offices & use Dropbox for file sharing
    is CouldGate a suitable option to consider as I need to upgrade my hardware

    • ashleigh

      Hi Deon,

      The CloudGate Square (Windows version) is probably better suited to your needs. The system will handle photo editing depending on how in depth your editing requirements are. If you would like to discuss further please email so one of our technical guys and look into this for you.

      iTunes will run on the Windows version of CloudGate but is not available on the Android system.

  2. Deon van eeden

    oh yes
    I have an iPhone 6 & an iPad and several other handheld devices (GPS loggers etc)
    can i run my iTunes account on your system & sync my iPhone with it and outlook?

  3. Steven

    How does one download and save to an external hard drive so as not to fill the on board memory

    • ashleigh

      Hi Steven,

      There is no place to change the download location, however once downloaded you can use the Antek File Explorer to move the items to an external source (flash drive, hard drive, SD card)

  4. Marco


    Can the Windows based cloud gate run an external hard drive of 3tb i want to use the cloud gate as a media player mostly to watch hd content and what is the price?

    • Melissa Viljoen

      Hi Marco,

      Yes it can and you can buy a 32 GB from takealot for R2699 and a 64 GB for R2999.


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