“This morning after calling CloudGate a UTI courier guy was standing at my door to pick up my device.

All at their cost to upgrade my system

WOW man! A brilliant device plus hreat customer service. What better way to start a Monday, Eh?!”

Bivek Rajbansi‎

“I own and am typing this [review] from a CloudGate Square running Windows 10 which has been working beautifully so far”


“I would like to extend my gratitude to Abel Moeng for his absolutely awesome service.  I sent a Facebook request for assistance and he called me after hours, almost immediately.  He then offered to exchange my unit with an upgraded ROM, couriered to my place of work.  He kept me informed and made sure I get the support I needed.  It has been long since that I have received such service, and especially in the light of us wanting to test these units for possible HP Thinclient replacements, if this service and support continues, there might be something in it.”

Louis Hollander

“I’d use a CloudGate for a simple everyday computer with the same Android experience that I get and love from my phone. The idea is very exciting”

Neil Withers

“Wow what an amazing device. The capability of running all the beloved specs of my android device – this is truly an innovation to get. This is a device that will bring the power of android to your TV. Awesome!!!!! 10/10 from me #cloudgate.”

Kyle Naidoo

“Using one to play android games at the moment, but it is perfect for a media centre as well”

Lindie Nel